3 Things Everyone Should Know About Newborn Photography

Over the years newborn photography has grown in popularity. It has become more posed and precise in nature and parents love it! But as a result of this rapid growth, confusion and misunderstanding surrounding the genre have also grown. These misconceptions can often be accompanied by unwarranted opinions and snide comments. These comments just take away from the joy of newborn portrait sessions. I think it’s time we debunk the myths and misconceptions. Here are 3 things everyone should know about newborn photography.

Your baby IS comfortable.

The most common remark that some people make when they see those curly newborn poses is “that baby looks uncomfortable!” Although it may look that way to adults, I am here to tell you that this is the furthest thing from the truth. Your little baby is curled up in the womb for nine months. With each week that passed, they grew bigger and the amount of space around them shrunk. Additionally, they grew to become more and more flexible. Many of the poses that you see throughout newborn photography mimic the positions in the womb. Don’t believe me? Let’s compare a few.

I would like to preface this by saying that this blog is not backed by the Mayo Clinic credited in the photos below. These images are solely being used to provide visual aid in the comparison of positions in the womb and newborn photography poses. 

Newborn photography posing comparison
The “head down” position in the womb is quite similar to the “bum up” pose in newborn photography. The placement of the arms and legs are about the same here. The only different is that the bottom foot is relaxed as opposed to flex(like the image on the left).
The “womb pose” or “taco pose” in newborn photography resembles the breech presentation due to the feet being very close to the face. Although it is common to see this positioning in babies that are breech, the “womb pose” can be achieved with babies that were not breech in the womb. Most babies will allow photographers to place them in the “womb pose.” But just like adults, babies will have their preferences. Some won’t mind being posed and others will. Either way, they will give cues to let us know one way or the other!
The “lying sideways” pose closely resembles a pose we call the “huck fin” pose. I’m not exactly sure how this pose got it’s name but I have found this to be a pose that all babies love. The security of the wrap around them and the relaxed placement of their hands and feet typically settle even the fussiest of babies, in my experience.

So you see, newborn photography poses aren’t THAT much different than positions in the womb. They may differ in orientation (on their side, upside down, etc.) but the similarities are apparent. We as photographers make it our priority to ensure that your baby is comfortable at ALL times. This is, in my opinion, the MOST important thing everyone should know about newborn photography.

Your baby IS safe.

The second most common remark that people may make is that newborn photography is unsafe. While it is completely understandable that family members and followers may be concerned about the safety of tiny humans, it is important to understand that your baby IS safe. Newborn photographers spend countless hours learning how to properly wrap and pose these brand new babies. This education includes safety measures like placing weights at the bottom of props to reinforce sturdiness and proper limb placement when posing. This also includes checking for proper circulation through a session, recognizing any cues baby gives, and so much more.

These are all things that your newborn photographer SHOULD know and will always look out for during a session. Any professional newborn photographer will always place safety and comfort at the forefront. Not only for your sweet babe, but for parents and older siblings as well.

Your baby ISN’T cold.

There isn’t really too much that I can say here. This is also a common remark but it just falls back into that “proper training” category. When any photographer decides to venture into the world of newborn photography, one of the FIRST things that we learn is that the space we are working out of MUST be warm. Brand new babies are not yet capable of regulating their own body temperatures. Therefore, you will more than likely see a space heater close by, the thermostat bumped up in the studio, or a combination of the two! Parents, you may be leaving your session a little sweaty but it’s all in the name of keeping baby cozy! 

The Take Away

There are a number of things that I feel everyone should know about newborn photography. Trust me, I could go on but I’ll save the rest for another time. The most important thing to remember here is that your photographer is a professional. They know what they’re doing and they are keeping your little on safe and comfortable while doing it. Although you may not SEE all of the precautions in place by looking at a photo, you can rest assured that they are there.

Its like the old saying goes. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But in the world of professional photography…there are a thousand steps we take to make each picture possible. 😊

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