Almost There | A COVID – Friendly Halloween

As we all know, COVID 19 has thrown a wrench in SO many things. Cancelled events, a decrease in family gatherings, more time spent at home, the list goes on. As we inch closer to the end of the year, one thing that is looking very different this year…holidays. With CDC guidelines in place, many people (myself included) have been taking the necessary precautions. Trick-or-treating is a Halloween tradition many love to take part in. Due to COVID, Halloween looks a little different this year. After deciding not to go trick-or-treating this year, Sierra came to me wondering if there was any way to still make Halloween special for little miss Kinsleigh Rose! Mom said one of Kinsleigh’s favorite things to watch is Princess and the Frog so we decided this would be the theme for her session! With this in mind, my wheels started turning. I also love the movie so I started re-watching and figured out exactly how to set things up! After doing some digging, I gathered up props, a backdrop, but there was only thing missing…the COSTUME!

After a deep dive on the internet, I just could NOT find the outfit that I was looking for so…I decided to make it! We gathered up her little measurements and I got to work!

A few hours, a couple pin pricks, and two cups of coffee later, her costume was complete! The only thing left to do was to bring this sweet girl in and bring her session to life!

When mama put on her costume, Kinsleigh’s face LIT UP! She pranced around singing “it’s pretty! It’s pretty!” She was so happy! We cranked up the music, danced, and sang along to the movie soundtrack, including the infamous song “Almost There” from Tiana’s waitress days. She showed us how Princess Tiana prepares her famous gumbo AND those beignets!! Kinsleigh had to taste test them to make sure they were of the highest quality. I think she approves!

Happy Halloween everyone!