Dear Mama…Your presence is needed

One of my favorite things about being an aunt has always been watching the women in my life grow into strong and loving mothers. Seeing the excitement in their faces when their baby reaches a new milestone or watching them gush over their husband and baby napping on the couch is so heartwarming! As I watch all of these women around me create and grow their families, I began to notice something. More often than not, these mamas are snapping photos and videos of their littles with dad or doing something silly! But…how often are memories captured of them IN FRONT of the camera rather than behind it?

Mamas! Don’t write yourself out of your family’s memories!

How many times have you and your family gathered around a box of old photos and reminisced about the memories you were looking at? How many of those photos have you seen YOUR mom in? Compare that to how many photos you have seen your dad in. I’m willing to bet that there are more photos with your dad than with your mom. Think about your FAVORITE photo of your mom for a second. Do you care whether or not she has every single hair in place? Do you care if she’s wearing pajamas or sweats in the photo? OR do you love the photo because she’s grinning so big that it makes you smile too?

mother and newborn girl nose-to-nose



I know you may not be feeling quite like yourself right now. Your body may be changing to give your bundle of joy one of the best homes they will ever know in their lifetime. You could be tired after a week of chasing your kiddos around the house. You may not have had time to pamper yourself recently. But guess what? YOU DESERVE IT! You’re a strong and beautiful woman and you have every right to celebrate it! Spend some time getting dolled up to capture your memories. Embrace these moments. Take it all in. Years from now, you AND your family will be happy that these memories were documented.