Is Digital REALLY Best?

The world we live in has become so digital driven. We see it everywhere we look. Digital billboards. Digital Phones. Digital watches. Even digital car radios! Because of this digital era, I often receive questions regarding digital files. Chances are, if you’re online, you’ll see an online gallery in some form or another. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, you name it. Social media is a great way to share with family and friends. But…is digital REALLY best?

I have heard so many stories of files being lost. A hard-drive crash. A USB lost during a move. A toddler spilling juice on a laptop. The list goes on. So many scenarios that made me realize, even when you have every intention of printing your photos, LIFE. HAPPENS. In the midst of life happening, printing those precious memories can quickly get put on the back burner.

Once I realized this, I thought to myself…am I providing my clients a FULL service? Am I truly delivering a finished product? Why would I burden my clients with the added stress of printing photos and leave them scratching their heads when their photos come back with weird coloring?

Preparing a digital image requires the same amount of time, skill, refining, and love to an image. The finished product I provide is simply a tangible object for all to admire. Each keepsake folio print is matted with archival frames, sealed, and provided by a professional print lab that is capable of handling all of my camera’s color data. Contrary to what so many may think, a digital image is NOT faster, easier, less time to shoot nor do I give less attention to. However, you will receive BOTH matted print and the full resolution digital copy because I want you to have both. At no additional cost. Not only that, but I keep my production time between 5-10 days including the print lab time, as they are sent via overnight shipping.

You may be asking yourself “why should I get these prints when I can print on my own?” My answer to your question is simple. I am providing a way for you to preserve those prints without any added hassle. No ordering your images and wondering why they do not look the same. No trying to figure out what size or crop to order. No additional time taken away from your family. A keepsake collector’s item which is like an album in itself. You also have the freedom to do what you please with the digital files. Although you may not go through them daily, weekly, or even monthly, the day will come where these photos will be a cherished possession. When your children bring home your soon-to-be son or daughter in law. When your grandchildren grow curious about what mommy or daddy looked like as a baby. After you leave this Earth…..these are photos that will document a continuing legacy. No one ever regrets having family portraits.