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Newborn & Maternity Photography in Charleston, SC

Charleston Newborn Photographer. Charleston Maternity Photographer. Charleston Baby Photographer.

As one of Charleston’s only in-home studio-style newborn photographers, I make sure that you really don’t have to do much. A major component of the luxury experience I provide is allowing you the opportunity to sit back and RELAX while I work with your sweet baby.

She had one word for me…CHRISTMAS! We talked about aaaaall the possibilities that a Christmas-themed session could bring and I took some notes. She told me that her mother jokingly said that we might want to plan for a Thanksgiving-themed session because little miss Omari’s due date was only a few weeks after Thanksgiving and she thought she would come early.

“So…I could have a professional photoshoot in my home?”

Absolutely! As a photographer specializing in newborn portraiture, safety and comfort are always my top priority.

After doing some digging, I gathered up props, a backdrop, but there was only thing missing…the COSTUME!

His mom AND dad silly danced and tried to play all of his favorite games. Even his older sisters gave it a try! Still nothing. The ONLY thing that got him to crack a smile?

When I asked if there were any specific colors or themes mom wanted incorporated into the session, she said she only had ONE request. A knitted blanket.

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